New Academic Induction Programme 2021

Welcome to the New Academic Induction Programme (NAIP) site. This Moodle course contains the...

    Facilitator: Picture of Akile AhmetPicture of Jennifer CarrPicture of Athina ChatzigavriilPicture of David FaggianiPicture of Claire GordonPicture of Darren MoonPicture of Esther SaxeyPicture of Lee-Ann Sequeira
Summer School Event Recordings
    Teacher (Editor): Picture of Phoebe Ferris-Rotman
State Aid and Subsidies Regulation
    Teacher (Editor): Picture of Pablo Ibanez Colomo
Practical Excel Modelling for Accounting and Finance
UG Admissions Test

    Teacher (Editor): Picture of Alexander Ingold
Behavioural Insights in Public Policy
Consent Matters


    Teacher (Editor): Picture of Elizabeth Mann
Equality & Diversity in Practice